Thursday, 2 October 2014

And that has made all the difference.

The road not taken by Robert Frost, the best poem I've ever come across. Trying to understand the underlying meaning of the poem at the age of 12 was impossible. And yet, that was one poem which I never forgot.
Now when I think, it really sounds familiar to me. I've been through something similar. But no matter how I look at it, I am also at fault. I am the actual cause of what I experienced (my directors words). I had a choice of letting go but I chose to fight for it. Then, that seemed okay. I tried my best. I did not give up and Ignored what people around me had to say. I did what I felt was the right thing to do at that point. I chose the path, on my own accord. I had no clue what I had to do with my life. All I did was to create a vacuum around myself and stay put. This is what I want, I would do anything to get it. I was happy even then.
The path I chose turned out to be a rocky one. I wasn't stable, mentally and physically. I blamed others for leading me on. I cursed all the people who were responsible .
This continued till I realised, I had made a mistake and I was the one who chose this path. Reality struck. No point blaming others. I was putting my future into jeopardy. Now I knew I had to bounce back. I let go and continued walking along. Still a rocky road, nothing clear ahead. I moved on. Tripping on my every move. Like I mentioned, I moved on.
For everything that I went through, I blamed myself. I did have a choice in the beginning but I chose to go with the difficult one. I had followed my instincts. So if there was someone to be blamed, that would be me.
Everything around me changed slowly. Walking on that rocky road seemed more like a walk in the park. For once, I wanted to do something for myself because I deserve to be happy. Looked at everything positively and that changed things. This probably would have never happened, had I not taken the road less travelled.
So yes, I am blessed. I have everything that I ever wanted. I am the cause of what I experience now. I made it happen. Happiness and success, both at the same time. Not afraid of falling either , because I know how to bounce back. :-)
I chose the road less travelled,
And that has made all the difference.
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Thursday, 25 September 2014


So today the trains were super late and super duper crowded. Left two trains myself. I just did not want to get pasted. The indicator at nerul station read 9:53 CST ( apparently it was 9:03 already on my watch). So I got into the third train which had started from belapur so it was empty. I got place to stand peacefully.

Since the trains were late there was a slight confusion whether the train was for vadala or CST. I can read quite well so yes the train was for CST. Yet these females were pretty adamant that it was a vadala train. They were least bothered. They eventually had to get off at vadala. Just because these women were adamant about their so called instincts, the other females got off buying what these women had said. The conversation did not end, it went on and on and on.

Time passed, the train had crossed Vadala. So the bickering females got off. Thus ending their 30 minutes odd conversation.

If only the other females had to stick to their instincts, they would have probably reached masjid by now.

Small one. But lessons learnt. Never buy someone else's instincts. Just follow yours. Saves time. ;-)
Travel tales. #fun

Saturday, 20 September 2014

It's bugging!

Hilarious yet frustrating moments in a Mumbai local.

Was glad I got into an empty train, for a change. Found a place to rest my Ass. Wasn't bothered to look around. (When your exhausted you really don't care about what's going around). Just then, I had this sudden urge to scratch my butt. Since it was an empty train, I really didn't care.

I just happened to look down and what did I find? BUGS. So that's when I took a leap of faith (from my current seat to the one in front of me). Nobody sat on that seat after that.

Looked like these bugs were breeding in captivity. Sigh. We crib, but nothing really changes. So pointless.

What happens next? Kurla it is. So you have a multitude getting into the train. Apparently, they were glad that there's an empty seat. I wanted to warn them but just thought of fooling around (I was looking forward to some entertainment).

Had a gala time watching those women jump around and make faces (Ewwws. Yucks. Continued). I wanted to laugh but tried not to (I wasn't looking forward to a cat fight).

So from Wadala to Nerul, I had fun. One of the many days when your Mumbai local journey seems less.

Looking to forward to many more (obviously excluding the part where these bugs bite my ass). All in all, time well spent. :-)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

“An nyong”

“An nyong”.. It’s Korean.

Me being a big Korean buff, I had to write this blog. My sister made me watch a Korean series. It started that day and continues till date.  Last one - The rooftop prince.

My first “Boys over flowers” or “Boys before flowers”, remains moi favourite till date. Love the story-line and I have seen it thrice. I guess more than that. Lost track. A total of 25 episodes and a beautiful story with its twists and turns. It was worth having those sleepless nights.

It was my first and hence the accent seemed very funny to me, but eventually I got used to it. The story seemed very fascinating. The story revolves around five main characters. 

Well Goo Jun Pyo, he's the "the guy" here, happens to be this super rich spoilt guy. He and his three other best buddies form a group called the F4 or flower 4. At first, they seem dominating and arrogant but later you will love all of them. Spoilers ahead.

The "the guy" falls in love with this sweet-weird-not-so-good-looking girl, Guem Jan Di. First few episodes focuses on how he falls for her (and she hates him) and she falls for his best friend ("the other guy") who loves someone else, PHEW. As I had expected, she eventually falls for the ‘the guy’. There the actual part begins.

I love the characters and the way the drama unfolds. At some point, I could very well relate it with my own life.

The entire drama has its own twists and turns. No spoilers ahead. Watch it. You will love it. And I bet you would never want this series to end. :-)

P.s Season 2- ?? Please. :-)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A ride back home.

Two years down. Travelling every day in a jam-packed local is a task. The regular tantrums, the *#*&^** feeling when you get squashed, the usual inquiry for a place to sit, blah blah. I have done it all. ;-)

Always been trying to figure out the difference in travelling by first class and a regular one. Not much. Except for the comfortable seats in first class. The rest remains the same.

Well as usual today was yet another ride back home. Going back home and that too at this peak hour (evening) is a task. Here I am standing, waiting for the train to come. And yes, I am not the only one. I have some 50-60 odd ladies standing here, just to give me company. So sweet.

Here in Mumbai, if 50 people get off at the platform, 50+20 get in. Phew, halath ho jathi hain yaar. And here comes the maal gaadi, I meant the train. It’s anyways packed. Heights of optimism, all these ladies here think they can get in, no matter how crowded it is. Oh wait a sec, even I need to get in.

Got in. Ahaa. All set now. Won’t get a place to sit though. It’s all booked. Yes, we book seats. Now it’s bird watching time. 65% have their earphones plugged in. My friend had once mentioned that the earphones industry has become a hit because of these people. What else are we supposed to do when we are surrounded by strangers. True that. Where was I? ohh yes, bird watching. Another 10% are busy hoggingI hear some weird noise..opps that’s my stomach. Chuck.

I can’t shoulder surf but yes I know it very well that more than half are busy on any of the social networking sites in their phones or tab. Mr.Technology I must say, you have nailed it dude. And then the ride gets all the more interesting when two random women start quarreling and that too for the most pathetic reason one can come across. And I say, Grow up ladies. (Not literally though). When the fight gets vulgar, my ear phones come in handy. Time for some music, till I reach home.

All these events, the people and the fights keep changing. But the 25 minutes ride back home remains the same. Funny, I must say. Can’t help it though. Being a Mumbaikar, I have to face it. Bring it on.

Why & why not?

A random blog because I’m job-less. ;-)

“Walk like an elephant. Don’t care about the dogs that keep barking at you, on your way.”

True this. If you take charge and remain honest to yourself, there’s nothing that can bring you down. Believe in yourself, forget the unwanted ones and the rest will fall into place.

“Happiness at the cost of hurting someone else never lasts.”

 Never does. Nothing lasts forever. Good days or bad days, both have an expiry date. So when you can, try not making someone’s life a hell on earth. In the end, even you will fall.
Jaisa karoge vaisa bharoge (As you sow, so you reap!)

“Once a cheater, always a repeater.”

The line says it all.

“Be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”

Being the real you. Means a lot to a person who happens to be ‘you’. Then why let yourself down?
There’s no better version of you than ‘you’ yourself.

“What has to happen, will happen. And you will have to face it when it did.”

What lies ahead is known. Well, then the best we can do is to ‘prepare’ ourselves for the best and the worst. Remember, good days and bad days- both go hand in hand.

“Why me? Or try me!”

The way you look at any particular situation depends on you. These situations are nothing but challenges. Give your best and overcome them. Trying is anytime better than giving up. It’s your call.

“When you’re having the best time of your life, never forget or ignore people who were by your side in your worst times. You will desperately need them when you fall.”

#Self-explanatory. These people are the ones who know the real you and hence will stay by your side. Never lose them. Act before it’s too late.

“Forgive but never forget. Learn from your mistakes, but never regret.”

 The best till date. Have been there and done it. To be precise, NO REGRETS. ;-)