A ride back home.

Two years down. Travelling every day in a jam-packed local is a task. The regular tantrums, the *#*&^** feeling when you get squashed, the usual inquiry for a place to sit, blah blah. I have done it all. ;-)

Always been trying to figure out the difference in travelling by first class and a regular one. Not much. Except for the comfortable seats in first class. The rest remains the same.

Well as usual today was yet another ride back home. Going back home and that too at this peak hour (evening) is a task. Here I am standing, waiting for the train to come. And yes, I am not the only one. I have some 50-60 odd ladies standing here, just to give me company. So sweet.

Here in Mumbai, if 50 people get off at the platform, 50+20 get in. Phew, halath ho jathi hain yaar. And here comes the maal gaadi, I meant the train. It’s anyways packed. Heights of optimism, all these ladies here think they can get in, no matter how crowded it is. Oh wait a sec, even I need to get in.

Got in. Ahaa. All set now. Won’t get a place to sit though. It’s all booked. Yes, we book seats. Now it’s bird watching time. 65% have their earphones plugged in. My friend had once mentioned that the earphones industry has become a hit because of these people. What else are we supposed to do when we are surrounded by strangers. True that. Where was I? ohh yes, bird watching. Another 10% are busy hoggingI hear some weird noise..opps that’s my stomach. Chuck.

I can’t shoulder surf but yes I know it very well that more than half are busy on any of the social networking sites in their phones or tab. Mr.Technology I must say, you have nailed it dude. And then the ride gets all the more interesting when two random women start quarreling and that too for the most pathetic reason one can come across. And I say, Grow up ladies. (Not literally though). When the fight gets vulgar, my ear phones come in handy. Time for some music, till I reach home.

All these events, the people and the fights keep changing. But the 25 minutes ride back home remains the same. Funny, I must say. Can’t help it though. Being a Mumbaikar, I have to face it. Bring it on.


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