It's bugging!

Hilarious yet frustrating moments in a Mumbai local.

Was glad I got into an empty train, for a change. Found a place to rest my Ass. Wasn't bothered to look around. (When your exhausted you really don't care about what's going around). Just then, I had this sudden urge to scratch my butt. Since it was an empty train, I really didn't care.

I just happened to look down and what did I find? BUGS. So that's when I took a leap of faith (from my current seat to the one in front of me). Nobody sat on that seat after that.

Looked like these bugs were breeding in captivity. Sigh. We crib, but nothing really changes. So pointless.

What happens next? Kurla it is. So you have a multitude getting into the train. Apparently, they were glad that there's an empty seat. I wanted to warn them but just thought of fooling around (I was looking forward to some entertainment).

Had a gala time watching those women jump around and make faces (Ewwws. Yucks. Continued). I wanted to laugh but tried not to (I wasn't looking forward to a cat fight).

So from Wadala to Nerul, I had fun. One of the many days when your Mumbai local journey seems less.

Looking to forward to many more (obviously excluding the part where these bugs bite my ass). All in all, time well spent. :-)


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