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In love with South Goa!

After exploring North Goa a number of times, we decided to check out South for once. My friend always vouched for this and had told me that we would love #SouthGoa and would never want to go back to North. Oh boy, he was right! We booked our train tickets as we had few days in hand and decided to take overnight trains for both ways.  Picked up dinner from McDonalds enroute station. The train journey was good a decision! After a tiring day at work, we needed some good sleep. Had our dinner and slept like a baby! We reached our destination (Madgaon) around 8 AM. We picked our cab right outside the station for around 1,000/- for our hotel in Palolem.  So our home for the first 2 nights in South Goa was ‘Crystal Goa’. Decent place, nothing fancy. The breakfast was really good so if you don't want to stay here, just go over for a good breakfast or meal.  Day 1: Let's explore Palolem & Patnem! We reached quiet early, so we decided to have a quick breakfast at our hotel we