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The One At Majestic Mussorie (Queen of the hills)

Husbands 30th birthday and that had to be special. I have never really explored the north and was looking forward to a trip sooner. I am a mountain kinda person and he is well a beach-y person. So we juggle our holidays around this. Our last holiday being Bali, the next was to the hills. Mussorie was the best option that I could find to travel in March. Booked tickets 2 months in advance on Make My Trip and guess the price - 10k for 2 people - to & fro. Steal! Anyways we packed our warm clothes, boots, etc and set off for the hills. Did my research on what to do and all too, as usual. I believe that you must do your research before you scoot, but that being said don't stick to the itinerary - BE FLEXIBLE with your trip. You've come to relax so do that. DAY 1 We took the Mumbai to Delhi early morning flight, after a 1.5-hour layover at Delhi where we grabbed breakfast at the forever-crowded-food-court, we boarded our next flight from Delhi to Dehradun. The view

Bali: The land of 'good vibes'.

Why the title? Read on to know the answer. Lembongan Island, you gorgeous thing! To start it off, I researched & re-researched about Bali for about 2 months before finalizing the travel and the hotel. The hotel we picked was at Nusa Dua, which has a line of 4-5 star hotels. Travelers usually prefer to stay at Kuta, which has budget friendly hotels and is also THE happening place. I wanted to stay away from the whole hustle and chill by the beach.  Made a list of to-do's way before the trip and kept changing it with time. Other than the basic must-dos, we did not stick to the plan! Everything was impromptu. TRAVEL We chose to fly with   Jet Airways   (both ways). ONLY TURN OFF: we had a broken 2 liter Chivas Regal and David Beckham perfume bottle in our baggage during our return journey. Though I sweared at the airline, I thought to myself, "Maybe those guys were having a bad day (!?)". That is the effect Bali has on you. GOOD VIBES ONLY.