Sold for 1 Crore.

Got your attention, didn't I? Well, this blog is about a topic I've always wanted to write about. This blog is about a ridiculously pathetic practice called 'DOWRY'.

(I'm referring to the age old practice that's being followed in my parents hometown - down south.)

Here's the dictionary meaning of the word:

dowry (noun)
an amount of property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage.


My version: "Spineless beggars who have/don't have money, but love to beg in the name of TRADITION."


I've always been against it (Why won't I be?). How does it feel like to give away your hard earned money to some random/known family just so that they take good care of your daughter (question, why would you give away your daughter if this is the case?). It doesn't stop at this, it continues. Oh and yes, there are negotiations - 50 lakhs or 1 crore - no wait lets make it 75 lakhs (remaining in Gold, PLEASE).

I know people who consider this as a thing to be PROUD of. NO darling? This ain't anything to be proud of. If you don't have a SPINE to say NO TO DOWRY, why don't you install one? (If only spines could be downloaded!). It ain't anything to be proud of - let the girl be from a poor or a well to do family. The groom has NO effing rights over her money. NO you don't. You don't deserve a penny (just for being a prefect match)! The money is theirs, not yours, I repeat NOT YOURS.

C'mon dude it's 2017 - WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE/TEA (whatever you prefer). In this age, this ridiculous practice still continues in the name of TRADITION. I've been told this is a normal thing to do, and I was frowned upon when they realized I won't be following this stupid tradition. Is it not enough that the family has to take the entire wedding expense on their head and ALSO dance to your tune.

Glad my parents & in-laws, don't wish/want/desire to follow this tradition.

Anyways, we are surrounded by narrow-minded-and-thick-headed people. Opinions come from all sides (even when not asked). Let them talk (people just love to talk, so let them rant). SAY NO TO DOWRY and also split the expenses. It has to start at some point, somewhere, someday.

We did. What about you?

(This is a deliberate attempt to make my extended family realize, GET A SPINE.)

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(Supported by
broad-minded-parents & in-laws)

This practice was banned (under the Dowry Prohibition Act 1961):
Read this article to know about the act which prohibits anyone from asking/giving dowry:


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