Rendezvous at Andharban!

Pass through Lonavla's Tiger Point, Ambey Valley, random villages and valleys, and after about 3-4 hours you reach this spot called The Andharban.

Mesmerizing. Breath taking. Hauntingly beautiful. (As my friend rightly said)

Few adjectives/phrases that describe "Andharban" which actually and literally means The Dark Forest (see image below)! I'm glad I got to experience this beautiful place with Global Journeys. A big Thank You to my wanderlust friend who was the co-lead for this trek and also for other treks organised by Global Journeys.

Beginning the long weekend with a trek like this along with my friends, was a bliss.

The journey started with the group trailing across green pastures surrounded by clouds.

This was followed by a trail. As we walked alongside a steep cliff, it was mind-boggling as I could not help but enjoy the breath taking view and also ensure that I step along carefully.

We walked amidst the clouds, along cliff side with squishy mud and pebbles, fell/slipped on slippery stones and slashed along brooks (also careful not to slip and end up in the middle of nowhere).

Took a dip in freezing COLD waterfalls, and the most difficult of all - walk along with water in your shoes (HEAVY)!

All of those, because there was something better in-store for us on top!

Journey up seemed difficult first but when the descend began, the former felt like a piece of cake! The return journey was all about rain filled + even more slipperier paths. Whats in a trek without it being a little difficult. We just laughed (smiled) it out!

Going through all this just to be in the middle of a dense forest is so totally worth it! The pictures won't do justice to what I actually experienced.

It felt great to break away from a monotonous routine and go on this trail!
My suggestion - at-least once a month, BREAK AWAY!

Next up this month - Khandala & Lonavla


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