Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Rendezvous at Andharban!

Pass through Lonavla's Tiger Point, Ambey Valley, random villages and valleys, and after about 3-4 hours you reach this spot called The Andharban.

Mesmerizing. Breath taking. Hauntingly beautiful. (As my friend rightly said)

Few adjectives/phrases that describe "Andharban" which actually and literally means The Dark Forest (see image below)! I'm glad I got to experience this beautiful place with Global Journeys. A big Thank You to my wanderlust friend who was the co-lead for this trek and also for other treks organised by Global Journeys.

Beginning the long weekend with a trek like this along with my friends, was a bliss.

The journey started with the group trailing across green pastures surrounded by clouds.

This was followed by a trail. As we walked alongside a steep cliff, it was mind-boggling as I could not help but enjoy the breath taking view and also ensure that I step along carefully.

We walked amidst the clouds, along cliff side with squishy mud and pebbles, fell/slipped on slippery stones and slashed along brooks (also careful not to slip and end up in the middle of nowhere).

Took a dip in freezing COLD waterfalls, and the most difficult of all - walk along with water in your shoes (HEAVY)!

All of those, because there was something better in-store for us on top!

Journey up seemed difficult first but when the descend began, the former felt like a piece of cake! The return journey was all about rain filled + even more slipperier paths. Whats in a trek without it being a little difficult. We just laughed (smiled) it out!

Going through all this just to be in the middle of a dense forest is so totally worth it! The pictures won't do justice to what I actually experienced.

It felt great to break away from a monotonous routine and go on this trail!
My suggestion - at-least once a month, BREAK AWAY!

Next up this month - Khandala & Lonavla

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Once Upon A Time In Goa

No scorching heat.
Less people.
Beautiful weather.
Drink up at the shacks.
Walk bare feet on wet sand.
Dance in the rain.

At Goa!

That's an ideal vacation for me. What more could I ask for?

I've been to Goa during summer and winter, this was my first trip during the monsoons and trust me - it tops the list! We had packed shades and sunscreens, and none was put to use.

We had booked our stay well in advance at Citrus Hotel, Calangute (5 mins walk from Calangute beach). Pleasant stay, I must say! Good food, prompt service. Also, don't expect the hotels to have rooms available just because it's off-season. Guessing there's no particular season to visit GOA! 

Get into a flip-flop mode (or bare feet mode) and stroll on the beach. Enjoy the pleasant weather, the rains, the tides, the cool breeze, and what not! We walked from Calangute beach to Baga and back! 

The shacks open in the evening but to our pleasant surprise, few were operational even in the morning (good for us). Grab few drinks at random shacks, relax and enjoy the sea view! 

When in Goa, get wasted! But make sure you have someone who can take care of you. :-P

Dress up, go for candle light dinners at the beach shacks, grab few chilled beers and splurge on sumptuous Goan cuisine. (Major missing happening here). Don't forget to shack-hop!

Buy things off the streets, like few neon bangles! 

Once you're buzzed, play 'ring the bud'. Being normal is too mainstream. SO GO CRAZY!

Time to go back! I'll miss you, GOA. Till we come again!

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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Little did she know..

She thought she would never succeed after a bad attempt. She never wanted another go at it. She was scared and hence expected things to unfold according to her fate.

Little did she know that the best is always saved for last.

Little did she know that she would find someone at the least expected time and in the least expected way. Meeting that special one when your pitch drunk adds that oomph factor! Life is soo freakin weird, she thought so. Well it is, right?

Little did she know that she was walking into someones life, not knowing that her existence would actually mean a lot to that person someday. Started small and eventually she couldn't get him out of her head. All she ever wanted then, was him. The question was, will he?

Little did she know that her small gestures would make a huge difference to that person. She was stuck in his head. She was all he thought of, but she was unaware. She was still lost. He was lost too. Was that fate?

Little did she know.. his side of the story.

Little did she know that she meant the world to that person but he was too shy to reciprocate. According to her, it was one way. Heart broken. NOT AGAIN! She thought.

Little did she know that his gestures were real, he loved her back. She wasn't sure yet and all that she ever wanted was assurance. And one fine day, he did. She was all he ever wanted. She made him fall in love again, just like how he did. She knew he was the last.

Flawed souls make a perfect match - so did they. Bad pasts were just bad pasts now.

A fairy-tale end to her story and prince charming - can it get any better? Yes it can.
And they lived and loved each other ever after!