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“An nyong”

“An nyong”.. It’s Korean. Me being a big Korean buff, I had to write this blog. My sister made me watch a Korean series. It started that day and continues till date.  Last one - The rooftop prince . My first “Boys over flowers” or “Boys before flowers”, remains moi favourite till date. Love the story-line and I have seen it thrice. I guess more than that. Lost track . A total of 25 episodes and a beautiful story with its twists and turns. It was worth having those sleepless nights. It was my first and hence the accent seemed very funny to me, but eventually I got used to it. The story seemed very fascinating. The story revolves around five main characters.  Well Goo Jun Pyo, he's the " the guy " here, happens to be this super rich spoilt guy. He and his three other best buddies form a group called the F4 or flower 4. At first, they seem dominating and arrogant but later you will love all of them.  Spoilers ahead. The " the guy " falls