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A ride back home.

Two years down. Travelling every day in a jam-packed local is a task. The regular tantrums, the *#*&^** feeling when you get squashed, the usual inquiry for a place to sit, blah blah . I have done it all. ;-) Always been trying to figure out the difference in travelling by first class and a regular one. Not much. Except for the comfortable seats in first class. The rest remains the same. Well as usual today was yet another ride back home. Going back home and that too at this peak hour (evening) is a task. Here I am standing, waiting for the train to come. And yes, I am not the only one. I have some 50-60 odd ladies standing here, just to give me company. So sweet . Here in Mumbai, if 50 people get off at the platform, 50+20 get in.  Phew , halath ho jathi hain yaar . And here comes the maal gaadi, I meant the train. It’s anyways packed. Heights of optimism, all these ladies here think they can get in, no matter how crowded it is. Oh wait a sec, even I need to get in.

Why & why not?

A random blog because I’m job-less. ;-) “Walk like an elephant. Don’t care about the dogs that keep barking at you, on your way.” True this. If you take charge and remain honest to yourself, there’s nothing that can bring you down. Believe in yourself, forget the unwanted ones and the rest will fall into place. “Happiness at the cost of hurting someone else never lasts.”   Never does. Nothing lasts forever. Good days or bad days, both have an expiry date. So when you can, try not making someone’s life a hell on earth. In the end, even you will fall. Jaisa karoge vaisa bharoge  (As you sow, so you reap!) “Once a cheater, always a repeater.” The line says it all. “Be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.” Being the real you. Means a lot to a person who happens to be ‘you’. Then why let yourself down? There’s no better version of you than ‘you’ yourself. “What has to happen, will happen. And you will have