Bali: The land of 'good vibes'.

Why the title? Read on to know the answer.

To start it off, I researched & re-researched about Bali for about 2 months before finalizing the travel and the hotel. The hotel we picked was at Nusa Dua, which has a line of 4-5 star hotels. Travelers usually prefer to stay at Kuta, which has budget friendly hotels and is also THE happening place. I wanted to stay away from the whole hustle and chill by the beach. 
Made a list of to-do's way before the trip and kept changing it with time. Other than the basic must-dos, we did not stick to the plan! Everything was impromptu.

We chose to fly withJet Airways(both ways). ONLY TURN OFF: we had a broken 2 liter Chivas Regal and David Beckham perfume bottle in our baggage during our return journey. Though I sweared at the airline, I thought to myself, "Maybe those guys were having a bad day (!?)". That is the effect Bali has on you. GOOD VIBES ONLY.

We took a overnight 5 hour flight to Singapore (slept the entire journey a…

Sold for 1 Crore.

Got your attention, didn't I? Well, this blog is about a topic I've always wanted to write about. This blog is about a ridiculously pathetic practice called 'DOWRY'.

(I'm referring to the age old practice that's being followed in my parents hometown - down south.)

Here's the dictionary meaning of the word:

dowry (noun)
an amount of property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage.


My version: "Spineless beggars who have/don't have money, but love to beg in the name of TRADITION."


I've always been against it (Why won't I be?). How does it feel like to give away your hard earned money to some random/known family just so that they take good care of your daughter (question, why would you give away your daughter if this is the case?). It doesn't stop at this, it continues. Oh a…

Rendezvous at Andharban!

Pass through Lonavla's Tiger Point, Ambey Valley, random villages and valleys, and after about 3-4 hours you reach this spot called The Andharban.

Mesmerizing. Breath taking. Hauntingly beautiful. (As my friend rightly said)

Few adjectives/phrases that describe "Andharban" which actually and literally means The Dark Forest (see image below)! I'm glad I got to experience this beautiful place with Global Journeys. A big Thank You to my wanderlust friend who was the co-lead for this trek and also for other treks organised by Global Journeys.

Beginning the long weekend with a trek like this along with my friends, was a bliss.

The journey started with the group trailing across green pastures surrounded by clouds.

This was followed by a trail. As we walked alongside a steep cliff, it was mind-boggling as I could not help but enjoy the breath taking view and also ensure that I step along carefully.

We walked amidst the clouds, along cliff side with squishy mud and pebbles,…