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A Day at Sula Vineyards, Nashik (The Wine Capital)

So my 27th birthday was at the wine capital of India! It was a surprise trip and my husband managed to pull it off without me getting the slightest hint.  I have always wanted to visit Nashik in Winter, mainly for the weather. However, we visited in April (wasn't that bad to be honest). The evenings were pleasant and mornings humid of-course, but better than Mumbai so I made my peace with it.  Now when you say Nashik, it sounds like a place meant for religious people. But it is not. It is the wine capital of India. There are as many as 29 wineries in Nashik, other than Sula so you kind of are spoilt for choice. Since this was our first, we wanted to visit Sula Vineyards.  Mumbai to Nashik is a 4 hour ride, excluding halts. We checked in at Ibis, which was pretty decent for a nights stay. Freshened up and left to have lunch nearby. When in Nashik, you got to eat the Malvan way.  Post a very good & heavy lunch, we headed straight for Sula.  The road that takes you to the vineyard