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Once Upon A Time In Goa

No scorching heat. Less people. Beautiful weather. Drink up at the shacks. Walk bare feet on wet sand. Dance in the rain. At Goa! That's an ideal vacation for me. What more could I ask for? I've been to Goa during summer and winter, this was my first trip during the monsoons and trust me - it tops the list! We had packed shades and sunscreens, and none was put to use. We had booked our stay well in advance at Citrus Hotel, Calangute (5 mins walk from Calangute beach). Pleasant stay, I must say! Good food, prompt service. Also, don't expect the hotels to have rooms available just because it's off-season. Guessing there's no particular season to visit GOA!  Get into a flip-flop mode (or bare feet mode) and stroll on the beach. Enjoy the pleasant weather, the rains, the tides, the cool breeze, and what not! We walked from Calangute beach to Baga and back!  The shacks open in the evening but to our pleasant surprise, few were oper