Sunday, 3 April 2016

Canvas Work - Manchester United

Being a Liverpool fan, making something for a Manchester United fan is a task. You end up cursing yourself at every stage.

So here's what I did for a die hard United fan, for his 28th birthday. I love to give customized gifts. Did the same here. I got a Canvas from Hobby Ideas, not knowing what I'll be doing with it. Thought of doing something different - maybe quill the entire logo, design a quote, paint the logo, and so on. I instead did something which brings out the girly aspect and yet retains the look and feel of the logo.

1. To draw the logo design you would require: Canvas (50x50 cm), butter paper, compass and of course a sharp pencil (Also a ready United logo that you can refer to).

You can either get the logo printed on a 50x50 cm size sheet or take the pain of drawing it. I did the latter, just to give my gift a completely customized look and moreover I wanted it to be a self-made gift.

Now let's BEGIN.

  •  Keep the logo ready for your reference

Stick the butter paper on the backside of the canvas. This will ensure you make the logo as per the size of the canvas.

Don't draw the logo directly on the canvas. It will be difficult to re-do. Hence, it is important to make a draft first and post that, trace it out on the canvas.

  • Fix a center 

Start drawing the logo. Use geometrical shapes for a perfect finish.

Draw vertical and horizontal lines wherever necessary. Since this is a draft, try redoing it as many times you want to get that perfect draft logo.

  • Trace it out

Now trace the drafted logo on the actual canvas. Stick the butter paper on the actual side. Start tracing it out. Use a sharp pencil. This is strenuous process. Will take at-least 30 minutes. 

2. For fillings you would need: Acrylic paint (Golden), Red & Yellow powdered glitters, Red & Yellow crystal grains, Fevicol and Brush. 

Now that we have traced the logo on the canvas, let's start filling it. Spread newspapers on the floor before you start and also get ready to be drenched in glitters!

Start with the inside part. Use the brush to spread Fevicol over the devil. Keep a dry brush handy. Now sprinkle the Red crystal grains over it. Tilt the canvas so that the extra crystals fall on the newspaper. Use the dry brush to clear extra crystals on the canvas.

Follow the same for the Yellow portion (in the middle).

For the dark red portion (on top and bottom), use Red glitters. This will be the most difficult part since glitters are pretty lighter than normal crystal grains. Let this dry for sometime.

3. For finishing you would need: Yellow acrylic colour tube; Red, Yellow & Black glitter tubes, Golden acrylic paint.

Use the Yellow acrylic colour tube to write the name. Apply at-least 2 layers. Use the same tube to finish the inside area as seen in the image below.

Use the Red, Yellow & Black glitter tubes to finish the remaining parts.

Use Black glitter for the main logo outline.

Use a dry brush to paint the remaining areas, Golden. Don't use water. Use the paint directly on the canvas to give it a different texture.

Let it dry for an hour. 

Here's the final product.