Friday, 11 March 2016

Yellows & Blues - Minion

Playing with yellows and blues are my favourite, specially when it's a MINION! muak muak. :*

Last Diwali holidays, I thought of painting a minion themed diya (Indian earthen oil lamps). Made sure it had this whole Indian look to it but still gave the Minion feel.

You will need 2 diyas, acrylic colours (Yellow, Blue & Black), brush and well old newspapers (so that you don't ruin the floor/table).

All you have to do is, paint the lower/back part - Blue, the top rim and inside - Yellow. Let it dry completely. Once dry, use a thin brush to make the eye, mouth and the eye gear. (Hack: Use a black marker if you aren't good at using a paintbrush)

Your colourful Indian Minions are ready!

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