Friday, 11 March 2016

Make a wish. Take a chance. Make a change.

First try at making a dream-catcher. Quite different from the usual ones. It's my own version (without feathers)!

I've used a rangoli stencil, colourful yarns, bangles, few colourful beads, fat thread and Fevikwik.

Use the rangoli stencils outer rim and wind it with colourful yarns. Do the same with bangles. Instead of tying the ends, use Fevikwik to stick the yarn end. (Don't stick your fingers though)

Make random patterns inside the bigger stencil and the smaller ones. It's your own dream-catcher, so make sure you customize it. (Mine are way too random)

I've made the multi-star design on the my main support stencil. Use a fat thread to hang the yarn bound bangles on the main stencil. Before you do that, fill the thread with colourful beads. Hang it in a symmetrical pattern to give it a different look.

Here's a glimpse of the materials I've used and the end product. Go on, make your own customized dream-catcher!!

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