Thursday, 17 March 2016

Little did she know..

She thought she would never succeed after a bad attempt. She never wanted another go at it. She was scared and hence expected things to unfold according to her fate.

Little did she know that the best is always saved for last.

Little did she know that she would find someone at the least expected time and in the least expected way. Meeting that special one when your pitch drunk adds that oomph factor! Life is soo freakin weird, she thought so. Well it is, right?

Little did she know that she was walking into someones life, not knowing that her existence would actually mean a lot to that person someday. Started small and eventually she couldn't get him out of her head. All she ever wanted then, was him. The question was, will he?

Little did she know that her small gestures would make a huge difference to that person. She was stuck in his head. She was all he thought of, but she was unaware. She was still lost. He was lost too. Was that fate?

Little did she know.. his side of the story.

Little did she know that she meant the world to that person but he was too shy to reciprocate. According to her, it was one way. Heart broken. NOT AGAIN! She thought.

Little did she know that his gestures were real, he loved her back. She wasn't sure yet and all that she ever wanted was assurance. And one fine day, he did. She was all he ever wanted. She made him fall in love again, just like how he did. She knew he was the last.

Flawed souls make a perfect match - so did they. Bad pasts were just bad pasts now.

A fairy-tale end to her story and prince charming - can it get any better? Yes it can.
And they lived and loved each other ever after!


Friday, 11 March 2016

Yellows & Blues - Minion

Playing with yellows and blues are my favourite, specially when it's a MINION! muak muak. :*

Last Diwali holidays, I thought of painting a minion themed diya (Indian earthen oil lamps). Made sure it had this whole Indian look to it but still gave the Minion feel.

You will need 2 diyas, acrylic colours (Yellow, Blue & Black), brush and well old newspapers (so that you don't ruin the floor/table).

All you have to do is, paint the lower/back part - Blue, the top rim and inside - Yellow. Let it dry completely. Once dry, use a thin brush to make the eye, mouth and the eye gear. (Hack: Use a black marker if you aren't good at using a paintbrush)

Your colourful Indian Minions are ready!

Make a wish. Take a chance. Make a change.

First try at making a dream-catcher. Quite different from the usual ones. It's my own version (without feathers)!

I've used a rangoli stencil, colourful yarns, bangles, few colourful beads, fat thread and Fevikwik.

Use the rangoli stencils outer rim and wind it with colourful yarns. Do the same with bangles. Instead of tying the ends, use Fevikwik to stick the yarn end. (Don't stick your fingers though)

Make random patterns inside the bigger stencil and the smaller ones. It's your own dream-catcher, so make sure you customize it. (Mine are way too random)

I've made the multi-star design on the my main support stencil. Use a fat thread to hang the yarn bound bangles on the main stencil. Before you do that, fill the thread with colourful beads. Hang it in a symmetrical pattern to give it a different look.

Here's a glimpse of the materials I've used and the end product. Go on, make your own customized dream-catcher!!