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A little bit of everything!

Well, about me - I'm not totally great, I'm not completely stupid, I'm not an angel - but I'm a little bit of everything and that makes me!  Always thought life was perfect. It is but not in way that you get whatever you want! If things go wrong, it won't last. If things go right, it won't last either. Life teaches you lessons throughout. You either digest it or just crib - it's your call. Never regret because if it's good- it's gonna be wonderful and if it's bad- it's gonna be an experience.  I have seen myself transforming from a very shy little girl to being a not-so-quiet little(even now) girl. A girl who never really opened up in school - to someone who had to be whacked so that she would shut. How did that happen? The answer to this question is my next blog. #WINK  Talking about my life, There were people who kept telling me to forgive and forget?? Well my way is a bit different.. I forgive but I NEVER forget, I Learn from